Stargazing show on Sunday evenings

The Star-gazing public show on the Sunday evening 

Tampere Ursa organizes star -gazing shows for the public once a month on Sunday evenings in the winter season (October — March) at the observatory. 

The spring season 2024 stargazing shows will be held on 

There is a seat reservation at the shows. The seat reservation link will be opened on Monday of the week before the show. Reserve a seat for each person coming to the show, up to 5 seats. Seats cannot be reserved in any other way, and without a seat reservation we will not take the audience to the star-gazing show.

You can send questions about seat reservations to (questions related to seat reservations will not be answered from other addresses).


Payment methods

If you need a receipt for the payment, remember to ask for it when paying! We charge a €10 settlement fee from the receipt (for card payments) to be delivered afterwards.