Preparing for the Stargazing Show


The observatory has both interiors and outdoor spaces. Indoors has a normal room temperature and outside is of course the outdoor temperature. This must be taken into account when dressing. So wear warm outerwear even if the outdoor temperature is mild to the season. Indoors, the outerwear can be removed to prevent you from getting too warm.

Change the important thing to take into account

The Observatory is located in Kauppi on the top floor of the water tower, completed in 1960, Tampere Water. The building has an elevator, but it does not extend to Tampereen Ursa's premises, but is lower than the floor. So the rest of the journey has to rise from ordinary stairs.

The auditorium of the association and the presentation space to the dome and the roof level will lead another layer of stairs. The stairs are type of spiral stairs, so it takes a bit of care to pass there! These stairs may be wet at the top when the snow melts into water on the roof level. Water can make the stairs slippery!

One more, very narrow and steep metal stairs that may be wet and slippery will be led to the (in dome) telescope. The stairs are so narrow that if you need an assistant to move around, the assistant will hardly be able to support you alongside your side. In a wheelchair, it is impossible to travel these stairs (or at least no one has tried it) even if the assistants are very strong.

Therefore, we urge all our guests to walk very carefully on the stairs to avoid accidents!


Visitors to the Observatory often have questions that they would like an expert answer or opinion. We hope you ask, because the answer is, of course, important to the questioner, but other guests are also interested. At its best, the issue of the public has evolved into very interesting discussions that everyone has received something. There are no stupid questions, so feel free to ask!

Photography and video

The Observatory has the opportunity to photograph or video, as long as it is limited to your own group! You can photograph devices, views and staff without asking for permission. Tampere's Ursa's premises are private spaces (not a public place), so if you publish pictures, be sure to ask for a permission from the people in the pictures, whether they are your own party or staff!

The publishing of photos, posters, presentations, etc. of the Observatory is prohibited due to copyrights. Publication refers to printing products and publishing on Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, etc.

If you are unsure if you can take a photograph of a destination, then you can always ask the guide!