Membership in Tampere Ursa

If you are interested in volunteering in Tampere Ursa, you can apply for a member. There is no minimum age for membership! However, note that all activities are in Finnish, so if you do not know the language, it may be a bit difficult to act in our association!

Membership classes

There are two membership classes in Ursa Tampere:

Annual Member, which is the most common personal membership and

Supporting membership, either a person, a legal entity or a company that wants to support our operations.

To become a member, fill out the application!

After completing the membership application, wait in peace, for example, a membership fee bill. Your membership will be decided at the next board meeting and then the invoice will be sent. 

After the turn of the year and the old members, the old members will have to wait a little longer, as the annual meeting of the association will be held during the spring and will decide on membership fees, after which the membership fees for this year will be sent.

The same page works when you update your contact information, for example, as the email address changes. For this reason, keep your username and password carefully as you will need them later. Maintaining up -to -date information is essential, for example, membership fees will be billed and the weekly bulletins will be sent by using the email address you provide.

Welcome to membership!

Connections to the association and vice versa

When you join the association you have provided an email address. We will send invoices to the address you will notify, but in addition to the weekly announcement of future activities. During the summer season, when there are fewer events, bulletins are only sent when there is something to be informed!

In order to get the most out of membership and stay up to date with what's going on in the association, you can join the email lists. The association has two lists, the purpose of which is slightly different. However, each list publishes important announcements on invitations, events, presentations and courses and member evenings.

taursa-l is an official information list. This list generally addresses only newsletters related to association activities. To join you by sending an email to  

Similarly, resignation from the list occurs with a message

Taursa harrastus-l is a more informal and generally reserved list. This list also publishes announcements related to the activities of the association. You can join a message to 

and distinguish from the list

After joining the list, you can send your own messages to the list and they go to everyone on the list. You cannot send private messages on the lists.

As your email address changes, remove the old address and join your new address.

Contact information on the page contains more web addresses for sites that are Ursa's production of Tampere and very useful in your hobby. Follow them every day to your interest!

Events for members

Tampere Ursa organizes member evenings during the winter season (from September to April). The length of the membership evening varies from hour to two depending on the program content of the evening. The time and content of the member evenings will be described in the weekly bulletin sent to all members during the term.

All members but also people who are interested in the activities of the association and possibly consider membership of the association are welcome to member evenings. You can also participate remotely on the membership evenings, and the connection address will be published for members in the weekly bulletin.

Membership evenings often offer short presentations on interesting topics, a device presentations or pictures of the observations. In the event of a clear weather, we go to the telescope to see the current starry sky!

During the winter season, we organize a month's lectures once per month in suitable premises in the center of Tampere, for example, in Laiku, a cultural center.

Monthly lectures are free for anyone interested!

Blogs provide information

The association publishes a number of blogs focused on different topics that are readable by all members and can participate in pictures and text. Blogs are in Finnish, but you can translate them to your own language with a link on the page.

Blogs addresses can be found on the Yhteystiedot page!

Guidance and advice

Members of the association may request guidance and advice on the purchase and use of telescopes or other equipment, for example. Usually, the things you ask are interested in many other members, so they can be expressed at member evenings. Ask bravely!